Lab Service

Hight quality testing service

Anechoic Chamber

We can provide an anechoic chamber from design to building and to acceptance testing. In our design, we also can dismantle and move to another place to re-build. We also build one of anechoic chamber in our office for standard testing. Welcome to discuss with us.

International Standard List

  • IEC-Standard

    • IEC 60268-1, Sound system equipment – Part 1: General

    • IEC 60268-3, Sound system equipment – Part 3: Amplifiers

    • IEC 60268-4, Sound system equipment – Part 4: Microphones

    • IEC 60268-5, Sound system equipment – Part 5: Loudspeakers

  • ITU-T-Standard

    • ITU-T P.800, Methods For Subjective Determination of Transmission Quality

    • ITU-T P.862, Perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ): An objective method for end-to-end speech quality assessment of narrow-band telephone networks and speech codecs

  • BSI-Standard

    • EN50332-1:2000 General method for”one package equipment"

    • EN50332-2:2003 Matching of sets with headphones if either or both are offered.

  • ISO-Standard

    • 7779:2010

    • specifies procedures for measuring and reporting the noise emission of information technology and telecommunications equipment




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