Speaker Box

Quality & Speed

What is SPK BOX ?

Around Consumer Product & IoT field

Completely Value Chain – Quality & Speed

Design Phase

  1. Top 1 Speaker Driver (AAC)

  2. Optimize BOX Design

  3. DFM issue discussion

  4. New technology like LSR(Liquid silicon rubber), Insert Molding (Combine different material) to support special BOX design

2. Sample Build

  1. Provide Simulation service before Mockup Sample

  2. Fastest Mockup sample (1 week)

  3. Molding Simulation

  4. Rapid Tooling Modification

3. Mass Production

  1. Rapid Soft/Hard Tooling (ST 10 days/ HT 3 weeks)

  2. Fully Automated Production

  3. High Quality Consistency

  4. Rapid changing of product line in a small-volume, large-variety production

4. Sound Tuning

  • Provide advise of Sound Tuning for better performance

  • Contact Information



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